Armlok®  Paint Can Overseals

Armlok® Paint Can Overseals

*Brings paint cans into conformance with 49 CFR
*Meet UPS, USPS requirements

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Armlok® paint can overseals are designed, tested and certified to pass UN hydrostatic pressure test of 100 kpa. Precision molded HDPE overseal installs easily with a mallet or paint can closer.
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Price Each
Part No. Size Description Case Pack Less Than Case Case
ARM8 1/2 pint Armlok® 500 0.4 0.37
ARM16 1 pint Armlok® 500 0.45 0.42
ARM32 1 quart Armlok® 750 0.55 0.46
ARM128 1 gallon Armlok® 250 0.64 0.6

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